Sunday, 20 November 2016

To most people the sky is the limit to those who love aviation the sky is their home

Table DJ/SF Dining Table @ Draftsman
Bench DJ / SF Corner Bench - rustic @ Draftsman
Chair DJ / SF Dining Chair - rustic @ Draftsman
Pictures BLUE SKY Double Picture Frame @ Draftsman
Propeller -BLUE SKY- Vintage Propeller @ Draftsman
Coat Rack -BLUE SKY"Propeller Coat Rack @ Draftsman
Build Chic Buildings  Sunrise Beachouse @ Draftsman

What is Draftsman? 
An SL Architecture Event. This new event aims to bring the best designers and architects together in one bi-monthly shopping event unlike any others. Focusing on original, unique mesh we will be taking visitors back through time from the dawn of man to the future societies of tomorrow.

Please follow my blog for more great items from this brand new event in Second Life.   For More Information you can follow the links below..

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