Friday, 10 June 2016

Vintage Fair Starts today

Hey everyone, today is the day that the Vintage Fair officially opens to everyone.  I am including a final updated Map for the event so I hope it helps!  

For more Information please go to the Pale Girl Production Website you will also find a shopper's guide right here.

Vintage Fair is slated to start on June 10th and from the looks of the review copies I have been receiving it promises to be great!  I will be posting posts from the Vintage Fair through out this week so stay tuned to my blog for further pics.

As for now I would like to provide you with some information and maps that will help you navigate through this great event!

Vintage Fair 2016 is presented by:
Pale Girl Productions

Vintage Fair 2016 is sponsored by:
MESHWORX, ChiMia, Entice, Cynful

- Event Dates: June 10th - 26th
- Every store has created at least 1 exclusive item from a decade pre-90's.
- There will be a strict low script policy enforced.
- The sim is Moderate, so please don't do anything crazy or inappropriate.

We are looking forward to an amazing Vintage Fair and hope to see you there!  Doors will open June 10th at 12:01am SLT.  

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