Sunday, 21 February 2016

A party without cake is just "a meeting"

Cafe Shelf No Concept Cupboard Deco  @ Kustom 9
Guitar Shelf Sway's  with Decorations @ Lost and Found 
Chair New Church Eastwood Chair @ Cosmopolitan Bi Weekly
Pantry Sign Apt B Shabby Finds Pantry Sign  @ Shiny Shabby
Table on Wall Zerkalo Vintage Tea Party Table  @ Shiny Shabby

On Table on Wall
Zerkalo Vintage Tea Party Cupcake Display  @ Shiny Shabby
Zerkalo  Vintage Tea Party Cupcake Tray  @ Shiny Shabby
Zerkalo Vintage Tea Party  Grand Plate wCupcakes Light  @ Shiny Shabby
ZerkaloVintage Tea Party Candles  @ Shiny Shabby

Middle Table 
No Concept Coffee Table  @ TMD
On Table
Zerkalo Vintage Tea Party Cake Light  @ Shiny Shabby
Cake Slices ZerkaloVintage Tea Party Piece of cake Colorful-Gift!  @ Shiny Shabby
Zerkalo Vintage Tea Party Cupcake in a Cup  @ Shiny Shabby
Zerkalo Vintage Tea Party Cup with Whipped Cream  @ Shiny Shabby

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