Sunday, 27 December 2015

You said its only smoke n ashes baby

The Look
Head Catwa Jessica 
Head Applier mpc lsa Chestnut @ Cosmopolitan Bi Weekly
Hair enVOGUE Gisselle
Cigarette Kunst Cigarette @ Uber

Now Playing Smoke n Ashes by Tracy Chapman

I am not a smoker in Real Life but in Second Life I'm a chain smoker! I blame Kunst for this if he would only stop making such cool ciggies I swear I would not be addicted.  This cigarette is very cool you can blow smoke from your nose or mouth in addition to many other cool features on the hud like how long you want your ciggy to be.  It is a fun little item and what is even better is you can have all of the cool smokey looks without the harmful effects on your lungs.

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