Friday, 25 September 2015

Grunge is the new Black!~

Defcon Sign Seven Emporium Fifty Linden Friday Item
Wreath Cheeky Pea  Kitsch Boo Ribbon Wreath @ Uber
Ghost Lights Cheeky Pea Kitsch Ghost Lights @ Uber
Ready or Not Sign Seven Emporium Jesus Is Coming
Bench Cheeky Pea  Kitsch Spider Bench @ Uber
Table Kunst - Minecart coffee table RARE @ Kustom 9
Candles  Cheeky Pea  Kitsch Candle Group @ Uber
Jack O Lantern Cheeky Pea Kitsch Jack-o-Lantern @ Uber
Green Fence unkindness  Spookers Brigade The Autumn Effect Hunt Prize

Background Building from 7mad.Ravens Old Town Set 

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