Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Don Mill...The Man...The Friend....The Monocle.....

I was first contacted by Don in early Jan 2014, he was inquiring if would do a picture with him for his blog (Always in good company).  I was extremely flattered and said sure lets do it!  We did several Pictures together and ended up building a friendship from that.
Don was one of the first people to really believe in me and my photography in Second Life. He was a constant for over a year. Someone i talked to and confided in, a listener, a shoulder and a friend. I will seriously miss you my friend. Rest in peace always:)
My heart goes out to his partner Grazia and his SL daughter, both of whom he spoke quite highly of.

When Don and i did this picture i never expected it to have as much meaning to me as it does now.

My Words in Don's Blog

I love this video, “Say Something”, I find the scene with the older gentleman saying goodbye to his dying wife to be quite a touching one.  I imagine a couple who had 50 + happy years of marriage and then comes the day when one passes away.The love they shared will remain in the survivor’s heart and in the hearts of everyone the couple inspired in their 50 years of marriage.  Yes it is sad but also very heartwarming when you really think about it, the woman passed away with her loving husband at her side, kissing her goodbye.
Don was so kind to indulge me and we switched roles for this picture.  He was the dying husband and I was the loving soon to be widow.
 “You’re the one that I love and I’m saying goodbye”

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