Friday, 17 July 2015

Vanity is my favorite sin

Vanity Zerkalo Precious Moments - Vanity - RARE @ Epiphany 
Make up Zerkalo Precious Moments - Make-up @ Epiphany 
Combs  Zerkalo Precious Moments Combs @ Epiphany 
Gloves Zerkalo Precious Moments Gloves @ Epiphany 
Powder Zerkalo Precious Moments Powder @ Epiphany 
Jewelry Box Zerkalo Precious Moments  Jewelry Box -  EXCLUSIVE @ Epiphany 
Perfume Bottles Zerkalo Precious Moments - Perfume @ Epiphany 
Stool Zerkalo Precious Moments Stool @ Epiphany 
Under Vanity Zerkalo Precious Moments Hat boxes @ Epiphany 
Side Table Zerkalo Precious End Table for the Neighborhood
Rose Box Apple Fall 

The Precious Moments Set from Zerkalo is at the brand new Gacha event called Epiphany  and it is absolutely stunning.  The Jewelry Box is the exclusive item that will only be available at this event and after that its gone.   If you want the cute little end table it is part of the Neighborhood this weekend.

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