Sunday, 26 April 2015

Vista has a new AO called Lara

Vista's New AO Lara 
This AO is super classy, the movements are so smooth and Ladylike you will swear you a fashion Diva!   The stands are smooth and transition well into the next one.  This AO is specifically designed to wear High Heels and Gowns with a specific Gown Mode.

Some of the Main Features include :
Cigarettes with two Stand Animations
One Girl Girl Couple Dance
Being able to select Stands Depending on your mode All. Gowns, Formal
20 Long Play Stands 
Couple System included with 6 Couple Animations
Also Wear your handbags during stands, walks or Runs.
ALL IN ALL 18 stands, 8 walks, 1 run, 5 sits, 6 grounds, jumps flights and dances. More than 54 new animations! 

Three of my favorite things about this AO i can only show you Via Video so here goes!

The Smoking Animations

The Selfie

The Chat

This is just a sneak peek of what this AO has to offer for all Animations check out their Video here
of go to the Store......Vista Animations 

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