Friday, 17 April 2015

The Puppet Theatre

For TAG GACHA everyone must wear a hud you can get the hud here 

Puppet Theatre Building Apt B Carnival Caravan RARE @ TAG! GACHA
Elephante in Cage HIDEKI - Elephant Cart
Popcorn Machine Apt B  Carnival Popcorn Machine TAG! GACHA
Chair Apt B Carnival Chair TAG! GACHA
Ticket Booth Apt B Carnival Ticket Booth TAG! GACHA
Tarot Table HIDEKI - Tarot Table
Wonder Wheel Seven Emporium Rare
Freak Show sign Fetch  Abandoned Sign
Tracks Fetch  Abandoned Track
Sideshow Sign Apt B Carnival Sideshow Sign TAG! GACHA
Chairs and Table Fetch Abandoned Set

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