Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Things you most likely didn't know about my blogging

1.  I blog for stores I have shopped at in the past and I love love love their products!

2. It takes me min 2 hours to complete a post from picture to editing, to posting, and adding to various media sites

3. I take great care to credit everything I blog including the location where the picture was taken

4. I am notorious for leaving my animare pose balls at the places I blog.  Its my annoying little *TM*
Just ask the owners of Derailed and L'arc en-Ciel.  I try not to and I am working on this.  These two ladies are good to me about it and haven't kicked me off their land yet!

5. I live among the crazy residents on the Derailed Sim and love taking most of my pictures there. Denise is a fantastic decorator and has a great eye for things! If you haven't been there you should go.

6.  I am an explorer at heart and love taking pictures on location.  In Addition to Derailed, I love the L'arc en-Ciel Sim.  Asa puts a lot of work into this sim and is constantly changing things which I LOVE!~  I just love the music here too, sometimes I just sit there listening to music!~

7. I may not always say something but I do appreciate the comments, favs and likes people give out. 

8. I love all the mesh bodies but I have chosen to be a Maitreya Girl!~

9. I do love mixing up my blog by doing different things such as Kid Avi's, Doll Avi's

10. If you have a question about something I blogged,  I do not mind if people im me in game.  I will do my best to answer your question.

11. My shape is my own I had custom made for me,  my face has not changed in many years.

12. I get inspiration from the items I receive from the places I blog for.  A pose can set a mood for a whole shot.  Such as this post In the end we all regret the chances we didn't take,  it was the pose from HelaMiyo that set the mood for me.  I also love music and a lot of times I try to recreate something that reminds me of the video such as Taylor Swift Blank Space I did several pictures based on this video but my favorite is this one Cause Darling I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream

Having said all this where do you get your inspiration from?

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  1. Your story will make me keep on making poses then! I stare long moments at this picture each time I see it. Thank you for the inspiration Taleah