Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Tal's Designer Spotlight Tuesday - Gawk

I have always loved Gawk,  great cute styles and wonderful details on every single item of clothing.  Long before the Mesh craze Gawk was always my store of choice for dresses.  Everyone remembers that annoying prim skirt piece that never seemed to look right no matter how much you modified it?  Well Gawk had this talent for making what was most likely the best prim skirt piece out there, how Mell did this I will never know.  I was so super excited when Gawk joined the mesh craze and her talent for creating some of the best mesh clothing on the grid emerged!   I am honored to blog for Gawk and I would highly recommend you take the time to walk around the store and don't forget to join the VIP group!!  On a side note congrats Mell on the birth of your baby and enjoy your Mom Time!~

Gawk White Neckholder Long Shirt
 Baggy Pullover w/ Slink Body Applier
 Pants Gawk Grey Baggy Sweats 
 Gawk Black Leather Pants - Suede
  Gawk  Loose Summer Sweater
 Jacket Gawk Pink Hooded Down Jacket @ Winter Trend 
Turtleneck Gawk Mocca Cozy Mini Sweatshirt
 Gawk Sailor Top
 Black Vintage Blouse Dress
 Top Gawk Vintage Rose Blouse
Pants Gawk Leather Pants Suede
Gawk Rose Knit Sweater
Top Gawk Classic Wool Pullover  NEW
Pants Gawk  Leather Pants

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