Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Who i would have nominated for avi's choice if it were Tal's avi's choice awards

This is in no way a post to discredit the people who have received nominations already....however there are names missing from the list that need to be acknowledged so without further ado here goes.....

Best Photographer
Hands down Miss Pretty Parkin....amazingly talented and beautiful.   Her pictures are always top notch and convey a feeling.  Her doll pictures are the best in Second Life seriously. If you haven't checked out her awesome work then you really need to go to her flickr NOW!  Pretty's Flickr

Gorba McMahon (and no I am not nominating him because he has the same last name as me but hey its a great last name)
Gorba brings intense emotion to his pictures, and is always pushing the limits of photography with amazing images.  Gorba's Flickr

Denise Rowlands
Another amazingly talented photographer. I just love the feel of her pictures. Denise's Flickr

As for Dj's of the best blues Dj's there is, he is always keeping up to date with the best of the blues, a great soothing voice and great tunes. What more could you ask for in a DJ, you can catch him at the Crossroads. Wed 7 to 9pm SL, and Saturday 3-5 pm.

Gianna Vella (and I am not just saying this because she is my bestie)
Gianna has been hosting for a very long time in Second Life since 2007 in fact.  She has an amazing personality and is genuine in what she does on the host stage.  She is welcoming, always saying hello to everyone in the clubs she works at, entertaining (is putting it mildly) she knows how to get the whole club involved in a conversation. On top of being a top notch hostess she has also been host manager for the Galaxy, organising events and training others.  She is also a kick ass bouncer, and has earned the name "Pitbull" for a reason, no one is an idiot on her watch!  I was going to say misbehaves but yea no more talk about that!  Any club would be lucky to have Miss Gianna Vella as their hostess/manager/bouncer and all around fun person.  You can catch her hosting these days at electric, karma, mixxers and cover at club max

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