Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Do you find yourself wondering if i still think about you?

The Look
Skin Izzie's Qopi Peach
Hair Truth Avena 
Eyes Ikon Charm Chocolate
Lips PXL Sweet Lips with Izzie's Sweet Lips Applier
Sweater Drift Aida Sweater
Jeans KoKolores Slim Jeans w/Maitreya Applier

Cafe Sari-Sari Cafe Happy Rare @ The Arcade March 01
Table Sari-Sari Cafe Table Small @ The Arcade March 01
Stools Sari-Sari Cafe Happy Cafe Stools @ The Arcade March 01
Drink Sign Sari-Sari Cafe Happy Apple ChalkBoard @ The Arcade March 01
Chess Board [ zerkalo ] Draughts @ Shiny Shabby 
Mugs on TableSari-Sari Cafe Happy  @ The Arcade March 01
Rack Sari-Sari  Cafe Happy - Bread Cart RARE @ The Arcade March 01
 Baskets on Counter  Sari-Sari Cafe Happy - Coffee Packaging Bag @ The Arcade March 01
Sari-Sari - Cafe Happy - Tea Packaging Bag @ The Arcade March 01
On Bookshelf
 Sari-Sari - Cafe Happy - Book Stack 1 @ The Arcade March 01
Globe [ zerkalo ] Globe @ Shiny Shabby
Coffee TA Coffee Sack

Now Playing Kiss you Tonight David Nail

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