Monday, 8 December 2014

“Quality over Quantity”

So this is a little bloggers rant and it is not meant to be insulting to anyone, I know every designer works hard and I appreciate all their hard work and love blogging for each and every one of my sponsors.  Lately I have noticed that some of the stores I blog for have decided not to do so many events in SL as it seems to interfere with the creativity of their work having to produce so many items at once.  This is a great idea “Quality over Quantity”.   Your work never becomes stale this way. 

From a bloggers stand point I work very hard to keep up with all the events in Second Life however it’s always a challenge to keep up with the constant stream of items to blog.  I too prefer “Quality over Quantity” when it comes to my blog pictures.   Being a blogger is tough work, keeping up with the demand and producing high quality pictures that showcase the products I am blogging. A true blogger loves this work and knows how time consuming it is.  You can start a blog but to keep it going for the long term it requires dedication to it.  “You blog because you love it not because of the free items you receive.   I actually think I spend more money since I started blogging then I did before.  To me it is all about creating a background for the clothing I am blogging or getting just the right hair, shoes, and accessories to fit the post.  So yes, there you have it I spend more money to blog the item that was given to me in the first place. 

When I get so many items I get overwhelmed and think OMG how am I going to keep up with all of this.   I do my best, I work full time in RL in addition to blogging and finding the time can be hard but I love taking pictures and blogging in Second Life so it never feels like work. Having said that blogging is very time consuming for me and it is first and foremost in my Second Life. 

To all the designers that I blog for, I want to say thank you for your hard work and if you have decided to reduce the number of events you create things for, I look forward to seeing what wonderful creative things you come out with because of the “Quality over Quantity” mentality!


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