Monday, 17 February 2014

Jefferson's Monday Meme

Every Monday Strawberry Singh has a Monday Meme which we are invited to participate in.  This one is about hope and overcoming a low in your life. So here is my story of sadness and hope.
My personal low and sad time in my life was 3 years ago when we had to make the toughest decision of our adult life. The decision to put our dog of 17 years to sleep. He was a great dog that i had given to my husband before we married after the passing of his mother.  Barkley was adorable and had personality plus. He went everywhere with us he would stand in the middle of the car as we drove.  He loved people and just being part of things.  In his 16th year we noticed him slowing down a bit his hips were sore and we had to carry him up and down the stairs, he could no longer eat and when he did eat it would only be small amounts which he could never keep down.  He was having lots of accidents. He could no longer see or hear. The decision came when he appeared to be suffering whimpering, crying and sleeping all the time.  It was the most difficult decision to be faced with, Barkley meant the world to us, he was a part of our family. We took him and decided to stay for the euthanasia but something went very wrong when they inserted the needle and instead of our dog passing away peacefully he tried to bite and attack as soon as the needle went in.  We were horrified what was happening to our beloved dog?  They got the vet quickly and he reinserted the needle which settled our dog and then he was gone.  Our last memory was an extremely sad one and one i don't think either one of us will forget.  The next day i was making coffee and my routine was to make the coffee then take Barkley outside. Well Barkley wasn't there and i had a break down.  My husband came in wrapped his arms around me and said lets go look at puppies today ok?

                                                     Barkley I miss you everyday                                        

So we did go and look at puppies but didn't plan on actually buying a puppy however we fell in love with a little Yorkie Pomeranian. We never forgot Barkley but the new puppy filled our hearts with love and hope again. Not only did this give us hope with one puppy 3 months later we were so happy that we went and got another puppy a Yorkie Poodle and loving named them Pepper and Jazz!
These two dogs fill our lives with so much joy. They are so different but get along so well. I am so glad we decided to give our hearts to these two fur balls of fun!

                                       Pepper                                                                 Jazz


  1. A sad heartbreaking yet optimistic and beautiful story. You're wonderful for opening your hearts so fast the way you did

  2. We love dogs and i couldn't think of anything that would have helped us more then these two adorable fun loving puppies :) We will never forget Barkley he is forever in our hearts :)