Thursday, 16 January 2014

To celebrate my 300th post

I thought i would look back at my blog and see how far i have come after 300 posts.  When i started this blog i was unsure of how i was going to do it.  I had a large inventory and a huge appreciation for the hard work of many many designers and creators and wanted a place where i could showcase my favourites.  So with that in mind i started blogging but had no idea what i was doing really. I just kind of started and it went from there.  In the first 3 months i wasn't aware of all the photography tips and tricks in Second Life that really do enhance the image of what you are trying to convey.  I have always loved taking Second Life Snapshots and exploring sims as well. I started to include the urls of some fantastic locations around Second Life.  One day while dancing at Muddy's Music Cafe i was snooping someones profile and was quite taken with his flickr pictures.  I instantly opened an im with him and we started talking about photography.  This person drastically changed my photography skills with some pointers about shadows, wind lights and DOF.  I was shocked and amazed by everything i did not know about Photography. I proclaimed myself his #1 fan after that and hasn't been able to shake this crazy fan club girl!! Just Kidding....His name is Matt Bonham and i highly suggest you check out his flickr he does amazing work even if he won't admit it!  I owe him so much for helping me and having the patience to teach me some much needed skills. Matt's Flickr.
From there i was blogging non stop so focused on doing my posts, sometimes taking hours finding the right location, pose, outfit, wind lights, shadows and other various photography tools. 
I was happy to just be blogging.  Its amazing how i can get lost in the blog and ask my friends i totally do!

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