Monday, 16 December 2013

Trying to make sense of it all...Firestorm pictures and snapshots

So.....this is sort of another rant post! 

Recently I decided to do a clean install of the new Firestorm Beta Version and was shocked when I went to take my first high rez picture.  I did my usual steps, selected my pose put it in ultra and I crashed when I took the snapshot.  I received an error 6 saying my video card couldn't handle this .  Nothing has changed on my computer my graphic card drivers were updated and yet I was still getting this message.  I couldn't figure it out what changed? 

All I know is it was very frustrating trying to take my blog pictures. 

So I did some research trying to figure out the problem and here is what I found

1.  Reducing the quality of shadows to default of 2 *defeats the purpose of shadows but you know what can you do you can do what the viewer allows you.

2. The size of the picture in the snapshot I reduced it from my usual 3175 x 2100 to 1920x1200. 

3. Use another program called Frap which enables you to keep the settings you want without crashing. Keep in mind this program will slow your computer down to a crawl but if you want to keep the same settings taking snapshots its a necessary evil. Another fact that shocked me was even the creator of Firestorm uses this program to take his high rez pictures not the camera in the firestorm viewer.

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