Monday, 11 November 2013

Integrity and the Blog

I was recently faced with an issue as a blogger and decided to keep my integrity in check.  I received  a review copy of an item and i really had a problem with the dress i was asked to review.  It had alot of flaws in the textures, the hem line did not look right and overall the quality just wasn't up to par with what I have seen from this designer in the past.  I decided not to blog this item, even though this store wants you to blog everything they put out.  For my punishment i got removed from their bloggers list. Which is fine they clearly state they want you to blog every item they put in the bloggers group.   I will never again join a blogger's group that expects this, it is just not right and goes against everything i believe in as a blogger. 

I didn't start blogging to receive review copies, i started blogging to showcase the wonderful and talented designers in Second Life.  There are so many out there and i love the work they do.  That being said for me to blog an item it has to meet certain criteria.

1. Good Quality
2. Interesting Textures
3. Would i wear this item myself in Second Life?
4. How it fits my avatar's body *is the alpha showing, etc, etc

I will never blog something that i don't like no matter what the Store wants me to do.  It just isn't fair to my readers and the hundreds of other talented clothing designers in Second Life.  I want to keep an honest blog one that my readers trust and i will not betray this trust by posting something i do not like. 

As a clothing designer i would think you would want a blogger that was honest and truly blogged your clothing because they  loved it not just because you gave them an item for free.

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  1. I totally agree. I'm thinking about starting to fashion blog...right now I just do a commentary blog. This gives me something to think about. I'm banned from a well-known SL store because the designer asked me how I liked the dress and I gave him my honest opinion about what I liked and didn't like. It was constructive criticism, but I guess he couldn't handle it.