Monday, 25 November 2013

How long does it take you to snap a picture for your blog?

I spend alot of time taking a blog picture so i thought i would do a little write up on just how long it takes for me to snap a picture for my blog.  I know its off my content topic but photography is such a big part of blogging.

First is the outfit the easiest part of the process, since the great designers in SL give us so many options and styles to choose from.  Next i look for a sim that will convey how i feel in an outfit.  This can be tricky but i use alot of great resources to find the perfect spot. Links to a couple of excellent destination blogs i use for a resources listed below.
Honor's post menopausal view of Second Life
Virtual Geographic Second Life

Then comes the pose, looking for just the right one that enhances what i am wearing can take quite awhile. I want a pose that contributes to the feel of the picture.  Again so many great pose shops in SL to help you with this. 

Once the pose is selected, then comes finding the right angle. The laggy part comes when i set my graphics setting to Ultra. Yikes! Those who love photography know what i am talking about.  It is a necessary evil though to get the shadow effect you want.  Playing with the sliders for shadows is quite fun.  I go through many wind light settings looking for the best shadow light effect for the picture.  Once i am done with that sometimes i want to blur the background for an added effect in the picture. Sometimes a glow is nice too but i am still really learning about glow effects so i feel i have much more to learn.

Once i am finally happy with the shot usually about an hour to two hours later i am ready to post.

So for me...a blog picture can take anywhere from an hour to two. 

So here is my challenge to all of you.
Share with us how you set up your shot and how long it takes you to actually take a picture for your blog.

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