Sunday, 27 October 2013

Trick Or Treat and more treats!

I was looking for a place to celebrate Halloween in SL I stumbled across this great location to do just that.  Trick or Treating, spooky scenery, hidden tunnels, grave yard and even a haunted house at the end.  You really should go through this house its amazing full of surprises even a scale that told me I was 159 pounds...WHAT...Seriously!  Make sure you have your sounds on or you will miss a lot!  Explore everything there are freebies in the cellar of the house but you have to find the hidden door to get there!

First thing first Get your free Trick or Treat Bucket when you land
Next knock on doors to get your candy careful though some places will trick you

After trick or treating you may want to explore the back woods grab your flashlight from the police officer and venture into the woods!
Walk the path and be careful you never know if you are going to fall down a hole in the ground
And Whoops I fell but where am I?
I won't spoil the underground mine shaft for you, walk in if you dare (make sure your sounds are on)
After my long walk I ended up at this haunted house, enter if you dare!
Location Havenhollow
My Costume (mostly older items)
Skin Al Vulo old group gift Livia Devil is woman
Head Piece Tekeli-li! Ashtoreth - Samhain
Costume Ho Wear Dark Encounter Halloween Edition

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