Sunday, 27 October 2013

Crossroads Photography Contest starts Friday!

The CROSSROADS BLUES CLUB is happy to announce a photography contest that is open to all. Photos must be taken on the CROSSROADS  sim, the photograph can either be portrait with avatar as subject or of the CROSSROADS landscape.  3000 Linden in prizes to be won.

Please read the requirements and guidelines listed below.

1.) The original content of the photo must be taken on the Crossroads sim in Second Life sometime during the calendar year of 2013. The photo can then be  touched up and processed using other software for a finished product The Crossroads
2.) Photographs can either be portrait (avatar as subject matter), or landscape (terrain, buildings). The finished texture file must be no larger than 1024x768.
3.) First, second and third prizes will be awarded.
4.) No text is allowed in the picture, other than shots of signs already on the sim itself.
5.) No nudity or sexual content.
6.) ANYONE can enter this contest.  There can be one (1) entry per person. To enter, see instructions below. There is a $50L fee to join the contest.
7.) By submitting your picture into the contest, you submit all rights to your picture to The Crossroads and its owners. Credit will be given to the photographer if the images are used afterward.
8.) Pictures MUST be FULL permissions, and be submitted by Saturday, November 30th, 12:00 am SLT!
9.) The winner will be judged by popular vote of visitors to the Crossroads, using the photo display voting boards in the Aweful Epicurean Gallery
10.)Voting for the entries will be from Sunday, Dec 1 @ 9:00 am SLT to end Sunday, Dec 7th @ 12:00 am SLT.  There is a $10L fee to vote. One vote per person. Contestants cannot vote for themselves.
11.) See instructions below to enter.
12.) Prizes: 
3 K to be divided up between the top 3 contestants
13.) Contact Taleah McMahon or Jaco Fitzptatrick for further details.

The Crossroads Photography Contest 2013 - How to Enter:
1.) All entries will be made by the contestant using the photo contest boards at the Aweful Epicurean Cafe, on the Crossroads sim:
Aweful Epicurean Café&Gallery
2). Enter by paying the $50L fee to an empty photo board. The photo board will load your profile picture and display it. Once loaded, you can now change it by loading
another photo/texture into it. In order to do that, hold down the CTRL key and drag a picture from your inventory onto the photo board while holding down the left mouse button. The frame will highlight to red and you can release the left mouse button. The picture/texture has to be FULLPERM (also for next owner - see bottom of properties page).
3. In addition, you can also optionally post your photos on Flickr @

4. By submitting a photo for The Crossroads Photography Contest 2013, you verify you have read and accept the contest rules.

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