Sunday, 25 August 2013

Hanging out in the crossroad rafters

Taleah in Pink
Petite Avatar Al Vulo Petite Polly 2 Caramel
Hair Wasabi Pills Orion Petite Mesh Hair
Outfit GF Yabusaka Petite-Fairy Pink

Nua in Blue
Petite Avatar Al Vulo Petite Polly Chocolate
Hair Wasabi Pills Brigitte Petite Mesh Hair in Chocolate
Outfit GF Yabusaka Petite-Fairy 
Jewelry - Earthstones Tiny Garden for Petites jewelry
Shoes "Glitz" Blue "Fairy Glitz"
My Friend Nua and I love to hang out at a little place called Crossroads. Its a blues Joint with great tunes and lots of fun people. Every so often we will walk around as little fairies causing mischief wherever we go.  Stealing tips, jumping into people's pockets, riding the cat Bluesy and just causing havoc. I took this snapshot and just had to blog us because we are so darn cute!

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